Integral rehabilitation project of Txara 1 building. In progress. 2022.

Extension and renovation of the Ordizia health center. In progress. 2022.

Extension of Atsobakar elderly residence in Lasarte. In progress. 2021.

New post-anesthetic recovery unit. In progress. 2021.

Central Services. Completed. 2021.

Guipuzcoa Polyclinic’s exterior staircase, San Sebastian. Completed. 2019.

Health Centre in Plaza Euskadi, Bilbao. Completed. 2019.

Rehabilitation centre of the Santiago Hospital, Vitoria. Completed. 2017.

Reform of the Day Hospital, Blood Bank and Txagorrixus rehabilitation Hospital in Gasteiz

Lakuabizkarra rehabilitation pool. Completed. 2017.

Health Centre in San Sebastián. Competition. 2017.

New Health Centre in Santoña. Competition. 2017.

Alteration in the Ophthalmologycal Centre of Santiago’s Hospital in Vitoria. Completed. 2016.

Alavas Santiago Day Surgical Hospital reform. Completed. 2016.

Geriatric Sanmarkosene. Completed. 2016.

Extension of the Alava Teaching Hospital. Competition. 2012.

Two psychogeriatric units. Completed. 2011.

Headquarters of the CITA Alzheimer Foundation. Completed. 2011.

Paediatrics Hospital in Algeria. Competition. 2010.

Building of the Biocruces Institute

Investigation centre Nanogune